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In this course, you will have online access to all study material and lectures notes you can review anytime during your course length and afterwards till you pass your exam. Allowing you the flexibility to review the material at your own pace and the ability to focus on areas in which you may need more review.

Mentors will be there to answer your questions and provide you with the explanations you need to understand the material.

Yes, you can prepare online from the comfort of your home location.


Our most popular and highest pass rate course. Get the most value and the best price when enroll in combined General online and in Skype/Teams course for the price of one. You will attend LIVE lectures and then continue to prepare according to your pace following provided study plan.

You will have real time interactive lectures you can attend online, see your lectures notes, ask your questions. Our expert faculty members deliver high-yield, structured skype/Teams live lectures to give you the most relevant content and insight into the exam. We take only few candidates in each skype group so we can focus better.

Don't you have enough time to spend then this course is for you. Yes, you can prepare online from the comfort of your home.

ACADEMY COURSE.(Postponed due to COVID-19 till further notice)

These courses are ideal for those who want scheduled class times and who enjoy interaction with faculty and peers.

Centre courses are excellent for those with demanding schedules and limited study time. This program combines our 5-Day program with an additional 1 practice day. It is designed to provide a comprehensive review of the skills tested on the exam.

For further detailed information and what does each course type and package includes, please email us

Special offer: Get £50 discount each candidate if you book in the group of three.

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