ORE & LDS Part 1 Course

Many overseas dentists wishing to work in the UK need to pass a UK dental registration examination.

There are two routes to UK registration:

  • The ORE: run by the UK General Dental Council
  • The LDS RCS exam: run by the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Only one of the two needs to be taken and passed and the choice is yours.

Dr. Davis course covers key topics in the ORE & LDS Part 1 exam syllabus as outlined by the General Dental Council: clinically applied dental science and human disease, and all aspects of clinical dentistry - including law and ethics and health and safety, along with updated exam feedbacks and mock tests.


It consists of two computer-based exam papers conducted over two days:

  • Paper A covers clinically applied dental science and clinical led applied human disease
  • Paper B covers aspects of clinical dentistry, including law and ethics and health and safety

Each paper lasts 3 hours and is made up of multiple short answer questions (Extended Matching Questions and Single Best Answer Questions).

There is a maximum of 200 places available at each examination period and exams happens twice a year (April & August).

You must pass both papers in order to progress to Part 2.


LDS part 1 exam is comprised of two papers, each of up to three hours duration conducted on the same day. The format will be the single best answer (SBA) and extended matching (EMQ) questions centered mainly on knowledge and its application to

  • Paper A clinically applied dental science and clinically applied human disease
  • Paper B aspects of clinical dentistry, law, and ethics, and health and safety

In order to progress to Part 2, both Part 1 papers will need to be passed in one sitting. If either paper is failed candidates will be required to re-sit all of Part 1.

LDS Part 1 can accept up to 120 candidates and the exam happens once a year (April). Up to four attempts are allowed for each part of the exam.

ORE Apply online: https://www.gdc-uk.org/registration/overseas-registration-exam/applying-for-ore/

LDS Apply online: https://www.rcseng.ac.uk/education-and-exams/exams/search/license-in-dental-surgery-part-1/

LDS-1 2022 spring exam will be conducted remotely/online.

Course Booking Status.
March 2022 - Fully Booked
September 2022 - Fully Booked
December 2022 - January 2023 - Booking Open
May 2023 - TBC
June 2023 - TBC
September 2023 - TBC
ORE Exam LDS Entrance Exam
Full name Overseas Registration Exam Licence in Dental Surgery
Accrediting body General Dentistry Council Royal College of Surgeons 
What does it allow? Allows you to practice as a dentist in the UK Allows you to practice as a dentist in the UK
How popular is it? Very popular, this is the main route. 200 slots in each sitting. Less popular, can serve as an alternate route for those who have failed the ORE. 120 slots.
How many parts? There are two parts. There are two parts.
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