The second part of the ORE, consists of four components. Each of the components is critical to the overall success during the exam. It is designed for candidates to demonstrate their clinical practical skills as well as theory. Candidates are allowed four attempts for this section. Below are the four components.

1-Dental Manikin operative tests

In this test, candidates' operative skills are evaluated. Candidates are allocated three hours in which they are supposed to carry out three procedures. The three procedures entail preparing and restoring teeth. Other procedures which demonstrate appropriate simulation for assessment can also form part of the operative tests on dental Manikin.

2-An objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

This is where candidates visit a series of ‘stations’ which test their clinical skills. These may include history-taking and assessment, communication skills (such as an explanation of problems and treatment plans), judgement and decision making, ethics and attitudes, and clinical examination. The series of stations may cover aspects of the following:  behavioural sciences, human disease, law, ethics and professionalism, clinical dentistry, restorative dentistry, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, preventive dentistry, dental public health, comprehensive oral care, oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology and oral microbiology, dental radiology and imaging.

OSCE guidance is available on the exam center's website here.

3-A diagnostic and treatment planning exercise (DTP)

This involves an actor who will provide an appropriate history (but will not be examined), together with relevant additional information such as photographs, radiographs, study models or results of other special tests. The exercise may involve any of the above aspects of clinical dentistry.

DTP guidance is available on the exam center's website here.

4-A practical examination in medical emergencies (ME)

This assessment consists of two parts:

  • A structured scenario-based oral
  • Demonstration of single handed basic life support. This will include cardiopulmonary resuscitation using a resuscitation manikin

ME guidance is available on the exam center's website here.

You will be allowed four attempts for Part 2.

Passing Part 2

Upon passing Part 2, you will be able to apply for registration with the General Dental Council. For further information, please visit After you have passed..

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