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We helped tens of hundreds of students and physicians pass their UK Dental licensing exams and Fellowship & Memberships exams of Royal college of surgeons with higher scores and continue on to successful careers in Dentistry.

Partnership with Dental Advisory

Dr. Davis Dental Course and Dental Advisory have joined hands to provide guidance to EU and Non-EU dentists on dental hygienist/Therapist route and successful registration with GDC.

Step by Step guide to registering as a Dental Hygienist/ Dental Therapist for those who have completed a Dental degree from overseas (outside the EU)

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About Us

Dr Davis Dental Course has excellent knowledge of UK dental exams including ORE, LDS, MJDF and MFDS. This course has wealth of information with highly expert dental tutors with many years of teaching and clinical experience to help you pass these examinations by providing high quality and affordable courses.

Our course teaching, approach, expertise and guidance meets the examiners perspective.

"We support overseas dentists in shadowing their dream of getting full registration with the General Dental Council in the United Kingdom."

The knowledge you will gain on the various courses offered will not only help you pass your licensing exams, but will help you excel in the fiercely competitive ‘real clinical world.

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